The Benefits Of Working Out Naked

In the Nip: The Benefits Of Working Out Naked

Researches say that working out naked may help boost self-esteem and promote a positive body image.

Exercising naked at home may offer some great benefits for our overall well-being.

While naked workouts won’t help you get stronger or lose weight quicker than fully clothed workouts, nude exercise routines may help us feel more comfortable in our skin, according to Ashlee Van Buskirk, a personal trainer and the founder of Whole Intent.

“Nude workouts allow us to examine our body and come face-to-face with yourself, exactly how you are”.

With consistent practice, Van Buskirk says that we’ll get to know our body and slowly become more comfortable in our skin.

What are the benefits of working out naked?

How does working out naked benefit us? Exercising in the nude, whether alone or in a group, can help us overcome a negative body image, maintain proper form, and feel more liberated from personal insecurities. Let’s break down specifics now:

It’s easier to correct posture

Certified yoga teacher Colby Smith says that when a student exercises in the nude, he knows exactly what their body is doing at all times, what’s aligned or misaligned, and what’s engaged or not engaged.

He also says students in his nude yoga classes hold their bodies quite differently:

“Students relate to the poses from a new perspective of full engagement,” he says.

Since there’s no hiding, we can see ourselves and our body as an entire structure and understand how our whole body works together.

It helps foster body positivity and appreciation

The main benefit of nude workouts is self-love. Although the first few workouts may feel strange, over time, Van Buskirk says, you’ll slowly build up your confidence and feel increasingly comfortable in your skin.

“This can help you overcome your own self-conscious thoughts and feel more liberated from your personal insecurities,” she says.

Smith believes there’s a magic that happens when we practice nude, especially if we start from a place of intent.

He says the intent is to peel away the fears and misconceptions you have about yourself and discover a new understanding. This is an excellent way to seek authenticity, both physically and emotionally.

What to consider when working out naked

This may sound obvious, but the main aspect to consider is to be aware that it's not ok to go to the gym or to go for a run in public in the nip!

There are plenty of YouTube videos available so you can create your own routine at home: simply go to YouTube and search for "how to exercise naked".

If exercising in the buff is new to you, remember to take it slow and to do only what is comfortable. It’s also OK to reach out to an instructor and ask questions before you decide to try a clothing-free workout session.

If you try a nude workout and feel better afterward — not just physically but mentally and emotionally — then maybe you’ll gain more than just physical fitness from the experience. Working out naked can be liberating. Moving freely, without clothing, can help boost self-esteem, promote body positivity, and foster self-acceptance.

Would you have a go with working out naked at home? You can read the full article here.

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