Top 5 Types Of Protein Supplements

Top 5 Types Of Protein Supplements

Protein powder is a popular food supplement that is available in a variety of forms. Protein supplements support individuals in meeting their nutritional and fitness goals, assisting with muscle building or/and weight loss management.

With such a wide variety of protein options available on the market, it can be difficult to know which supplement will work best for you - so with that, let's get right into the top 5 protein supplements and how they work.

Clear Whey

Clear whey is exactly what it sounds like - whey protein powder that turns clear when it is dissolved in water. This results in a liquid that tastes more similar to juice or lemonade, instead of a creamy shake.

Clear whey generally comes in fruity flavours, similar to some energy drinks, which some people favour over a thicker protein that results in a milkshake-like texture. This is because the chemistry that helps the whey to remain clear needs to be an acidic solution, and this acidity pairs very well with fruity/ juice flavours.

Clear whey is suitable for athletes and gym-goers who prefer to consume a lighter protein supplement with no milky taste or texture.

We have listed our DSI best-selling clear whey protein below:

Supreme Nutrition Clear Whey Isolate 500g

Supreme nutrition clear whey is a superior quality whey isolate produced in Ireland. It delivers 20g of protein per serving in a low-calorie, light-textured & refreshing drink that assists with muscle growth, maintenance & recovery.

Beef Protein Isolate

Meat-eating gym-goers probably already know this, but beef is very densely packed with a whole lot of protein - and the good news is that all of this protein can be extracted into a convenient powder for easy consumption.

Beef protein is made by boiling beef in large vats. This then creates a liquid that contains protein and amino acids. This liquid is then skimmed to remove any further fats or carbohydrates, leaving behind a high protein concentration. This liquid is then dried, giving your final product of beef protein isolate powder.

Over the past few years, there has been a significant rise in beef protein powders due to many people choosing a paleo diet. A paleo diet means only eating the foods presumed to have been available to humans during the palaeolithic era.

Beef protein is also an ideal substitute for those who struggle with processing dairy or soy products.

We have listed our DSI best-selling beef protein below:

NXT Nutrition Beef Protein Isolate 1.8kg

NXT Nutrition Beef Protein is an alternative source of protein to traditional protein shakes. Each serving provides you with 27g of protein with zero dairy and zero sugar. As most protein shakes are either whey, casein or soy-based they are not ideal for anyone with an intolerance to dairy or soy.

Vegan Protein Powders

If you want to incorporate protein powders into your diet but want to stay away from whey, vegan proteins are a good alternative. There are a number of high-quality soy-free protein powders available on the market that contain a wide range of ingredients, such as rice protein, pea protein, seeds, vegetables, grains and legumes.

Even if you are not following a vegan or vegetarian diet and lifestyle, you still might benefit from incorporating a vegan protein powder into your routine, as rotating your protein can support gut health and has been shown to decrease negative digestive symptoms.

You can shop our Vegan Protein Supplements by clicking here.

We have listed our DSI best-selling Vegan and Soy Free Protein below:

SAN Rawfusion Protein 900g

This vegan supplement has the perfect balance of plant-based proteins that support building muscle mass. It can be hard to get abundant protein through your diet alone, so protein powder makes it easier. This vegan protein powder is:

  • Dairy, soy and animal-free
  • 100% raw vegan matrix
  • Incredible taste & texture
  • Aids muscle tissue maintenance
  • 21 grams of protein per serving

Collagen Protein Powders

You have probably heard the terms “collagen peptides” or “hydrolyzed collagen” or “collagen powder” - all of these terms essentially mean the same thing - collagen protein powder. Specifically the term “collagen peptides” is in reference to collagen that has undergone the process known as hydrolysis. This is the process that breaks down the amino acids in collagen into smaller molecules, which makes it easier for your body to absorb.

Collagen is like the glue that holds your body together, and it is the most abundant protein in the body, taking up more than one-third of your total protein. This collagen acts as a building block for healthy skin, teeth, bones, joints and connective tissues.

You can shop our DSI Collagen Protein Supplements by clicking here.

We have listed our best-selling DSI Collagen Protein Supplements below:

GoKeto Collagen Protein Powder 315g

This Powder is perfect for recovery after exercise, reducing inflammation, and repairing cartilage. It also improves your energy and provides numerous benefits to your immune system. GoKeto Collagen Protein Powder is ideal for making a delicious smoothie. It can also be added to coffee or baked to add a subtle chocolate flavour. This is the highest quality collagen with only 100% pure ingredients providing the optimal protein ratio. It’s Free from Additives, Preservatives or Fillers, No Carbs or Sugar, all-natural with added Prebiotic Acacia Fibre.

Sunwarrior Collagen Protein Peptides 500g

Sunwarrior beauty-enhancing formula also contains strengthening and supporting nutrients such as vitamin C, trace minerals, leafy greens, silica, and biotin. Hydrating compounds such as hyaluronic acid and tremella mushroom extract attract and retain skin moisture.

Unflavoured Whey Protein Isolate

Unflavoured whey protein powder has gained popularity due to the fact that it can be added and used in a variety of ways due to the lack of artificial flavouring added. Most unflavoured wheys are also whey protein isolates, which is an excellent form of protein supplement.

Since whey comes from milk, the natural flavour and smell of unflavoured whey protein can be best described as similar to light powdered milk when consumed with plain water, but the best part about unflavoured whey protein is that it can be easily masked by basically anything you add to it - this makes unflavoured whey protein so versatile.

We have listed our best-selling unflavoured whey protein isolate below:

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein 2.27kg

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein is the world’s best-selling protein powder. Each serving contains 24 grams of the purest protein powder per serving. Optimum nutrition whey is made with whey protein isolates, which have a higher protein content than standard whey protein. The best part about whey protein isolate is that it contains an incredible range of essential amino acids.

7Nutrition Natural Whey Isolate 90 2kg

7Nutrition Natural WPI 90 is a high percentage, the purest whey protein isolate made by microfiltration technology. This unique technology allows for maximum concentration and un denaturation of proteins contained in the whey.


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