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ROS Nutrition ISO BCAA, 33 Servings

ROS Nutrition ISO BCAA, 33 Servings

ROS Nutrition ISO BCAA, 33 Servings

Proprietary advanced formulation

Formulated with 4:1:1 BCAA ratio

7.5 g BCAA and 5 g of L-Leucine per serving

Helps to reduce muscle protein breakdown

Supports muscle adaptation and recovery

Proprietary premix of branched chain amino acids with 4:1:1 BCAA ratio

Leucine, isoleucine, and valine comprise the branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). Amino acids are the building blocks of muscle protein and are of critical importance to achieving training goals and recovery after training.

BCAAs make up about one-third of all amino acids in muscle but are not produced within the body themselves, so must be obtained from the diet. However, during intense exercise, the body can break down BCAAs in order to provide energy to working muscles if the supply of carbohydrate is insufficient. In short, BCAAs are of vital importance in the athlete’s diet.

Leucine is essential when it comes to driving muscle growth. In fact, compared to all other amino acids, leucine by far outperforms these in its ability to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, a marker of muscle growth.

Why choose ISO BCAA®?

ISO BCAA® features 3 g of arginine AKG, 2 g of taurine and 5 g of leucine per serving in a blend of 4:1:1 of leucine:isoleucine:valine. Consuming ISO BCAA® before, during and after workouts can provide the essential amino acids to support addaptations made from training.

In fact, several studies have demonstrated the anabolic and anti-catabolic effects of amino acids taken before and after exercise. During intense exercise, the body may turn to amino acids stored in muscle tissue for fuel. If this catabolic state occurs frequently, you are likely to lose lean muscle mass - not something you want from your training.

Due to their unique structure, BCAAs are thought to have a role in fatigue at the level of the brain. BCAAs may help to prevent fatigue and reduce athletes perception of effort. BCAAs may be particularly beneficial in sports that require high levels of concentration as BCAAs are suggested to decrease mental fatigue and improve mental agility.

Muscle growth: BCAAs are suggested to help create an anabolic environment in the body after resistance training. Particularly before and after your session, BCAA intake may lead to favourable adaptations in muscle size and strength.

Immunity: Prolonged high intensity exercise leads to suppression of the immune system which leaves the body exposed to infections. BCAAs may improve immune response after intense exercise by maintaining levels of glutamine in the body. Adequate glutamine is required for production of antibodies from the immune cells and if levels of glutamine become low, the body is less capable of fighting off infection. By maintaining glutamine levels through BCAAs or even pure L-glutamine supplementation, your body is more capable of maintaining a strong immunity and defending against infection.

Arginine AKG: Along with adequate protein and carbohydrate consumption, the intake of arginine has been shown to boost growth hormone (GH) after intense resistance training. Growth hormone is one of the primary hormones that influence adaption to training, it is therefore very important to maximise GH levels after exercise.

Nitric Oxide production is another important function that arginine intake has to offer. The production of nitric oxide sends a signal to the inner smooth-muscle cells of artery walls to dilate (relax) resulting in increased blood flow. Enhanced blood flow, particularly during exercise, improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle cells which in turn helps to boost exercise performance.

The metabolic demand for arginine may exceed the body’s ability to synthesize arginine under conditions of intensive exercise or other severe stress; therefore, arginine is considered a semi-essential or conditional amino acid.

ISO BCAA® is a registered trademark of ROS Nutrition Group Limited.

Serving size: 14 g

Servings per container: 33

Nutritional Profile (Typical):

Analysis Per 14 g Per 100 g RI

Energy 46 kcal

192 kjoule 329 kcal

1371 kjoule 2%

Protein 11.5 g 82.1 g 23%

Carbohydrates <0.1 g <0.5 g  

- of which sugar Trace Trace -

Fat Trace Trace -

- of which saturated fat Trace Trace -

Fibre Trace Trace -

Sodium Trace Trace -

g = gram, kcal = kilocalorie (read as calorie), kjoule = kilojoule

Key Ingredients

Ingredient Per 14 g Per 100 g

L-Leucine 5 g 35.7 g

L-Isoleucine 1.25 g 8.9 g

L-Valine 1.25 g 8.9 g

Total BCAA 7.5 g 53.7 g

L-Arginine AKG 3 g 21.4 g

Taurine 2 g 14.3 g


Ingredients Information:

L-Leucine micronized, L-isoleucine micronized, L-valine micronized, L glutamine, L-arginine AKG, L-ornithine HCL.

Fruit Punch Flavour: Citric acid (acidity regulator), fruit punch flavour, beet root (colour), sucralose(sweetener).

Orange Flavour: Citric acid (acidity regulator), orange flavour, beta carotene (colour), sucralose (sweetener).

Lemon n Lime Flavour: Citric acid (acidity regulator), lemon and lime flavour, sucralose (sweetener).

No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.


For best results and depending on your goals and training intensity, take 2 servings daily (1 serving = 14 g or 1 scoop in 200 ml of water). The ideal timing for taking ISO BCAA® is one serving immediately before your session, and one serving either during or directly after your session.

To maximise your adaptations   from training, you must meet the recommended nutrition recovery guidelines in terms of amounts and types of carbohydrate and protein. RecoverAce® Strength and Endurance by ROS Nutrition are both specifically-formulated based on current best practice for optimal recovery for gym or field-based training, respectively, and provide the exact nutrients that you need to meet your nutrition requirements during recovery.

Note: While we strive to ensure that all serving measurements are accurate using ROS scoops, these are only approximate and are not a substitute for using a weighing device.

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