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Vitargo Post 2kg

Vitargo Post 2kg

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Vitargo Post 2kg

Vitargo Post from Vitargo is what you need to regain strength, sooner than you imagine. It is a very nutritious supplement that has been made from high-quality whey protein and healthy carbohydrates, thanks to which you can recover in a short time.

It also contains almost 70% amylopectin from low osmolarity barley that is easily absorbed by the organism. It is the most practical way of guaranteeing in your diet essential and branched chain amino acids that cannot be lacking in your body, if you really want to have and maintain a good muscular structure. Thanks to all that, it is ideal for the practice of any sporting activity.

After a demanding training or strenuous competition, you should consume Vitargo Post from Vitargo. In these cases, your body has been exposed to high activity and therefore have decreased its levels of amino acids, carbohydrates and electrolytes. The deeper this lack is, the longer it will take the organism to return to its most vital and resistant state. It is clear that you must be on a balanced diet, but that may not be enough. In order to recover in the shortest time possible, you must consume high-quality proteins and carbohydrates, which are the ones that give you energy effectively. You also need a source of glycogen in order to maintain the power of your muscles.

Vitargo Post from Vitargo provides all these nutrients with a simple daily dose. It is a food that you cannot afford to ignore, if you are starting a physical activity or if you experience problems to increase your muscle mass. The lack of amino acids is the fundamental problem of catabolism, a process that happens when the body takes what it needs from its own tissues in the absence of proteins. This makes necessary to consume a large amount of food. But the daily consumption of this supplement provides you with everything you need to achieve a toned figure and to have a really optimal performance during your physical training. Suitable for men and women alike.

Facts of Vitargo Post from Vitargo

  • 69% barley amylopectin.
  • 24% whey protein.
  • Very low level of sugars.
  • Promotes a quick recovery.
  • Strengthens the level of amino acids.
  • Strengthens muscle glycogen.
  • Ideal supplement for physical maintenance.

Vitargo Post from Vitargo is the supplement you need to gain muscle and do really intense workouts. You will not have to worry about catabolism if you add this supplement to your daily routines. Discover renewed strength and constant vitality. It is also excellent to compensate for nutritional deficiencies in people who are exposed to great physical activity.

Recommended use: consume 1 g per kilo of body weight. For example, a person of 90 kilos should consume 90 g. Take after a training session or between meals in case of recovery.