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Sunwarrior Classic Plus Organic Protein 375g
Sunwarrior Classic Plus Organic Protein 375g
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Sunwarrior Classic Plus Organic Protein 375g

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Sunwarrior Classic Plus Organic Protein 375g.

Organic Certified Classic Plus Vanilla builds on Sunwarrior’s original rice protein by adding in the amino acid balancing effects of peas, chia seeds, quinoa, and amaranth. This superfood combination still relies heavily on the gentle nature of whole-grain brown rice, but with a hefty dose of the strength that has made Warrior Blend so popular.

Raw, plant-based, and powerful, Classic Plus gives you that little extra you want and need. You’ll love the way it tastes, but how it makes you feel is really why it is called Plus.

We are happy to introduce Classic Plus Protein – It is light, mixes easily and tastes amazing.

Raw Rice Protein

Brown rice provides plenty of protein and fiber while being gentle on the digestive system and kind to those with allergies. This whole-grain superfood is raw and sprouted.

It will help you take your workouts to new levels with all the amino acids a growing muscle needs.

Complete and balanced protein for muscle, building, repair, and maintenance

Rich in Lysine, often missing in plant-based proteins

Hypoallergenic (free of major allergens)

Raw Pea Protein

A high fiber, low calorie, nutrient-dense vegetarian superfood, peas are also a remarkable source of plant-based proteins and amino acids. Protein from peas satisfies all FAO essential amino acid requirements. The amino acids found in peas include Lysine, Arginine, Glutamine, Leucine, Isoleucine & Valine (Branched Chain Amino Acids – BCAAs)

Aid in muscle tissue maintenance

Comparable to egg and milk proteins

BCAAs are higher in pea protein than any other vegetable protein

Helps restore nitrogen balance after intense physiological stress

Increases muscle mass while reducing body fat during intense exercise

Assists in maintaining lean body mass

Facilitates calcium absorption (promoting healthy bone development)

Low in sulfur proteins (sulfur proteins speed up the aging process)

Increases metabolism and satiety (helping you to feel full longer)


Highly valued by the Incan civilization for good reason, quinoa is rich in protein, fiber, calcium, B vitamins, and many other nutrients. This grain-like seed helps balance out the amino acid profile and does not contain any gluten.

Contains beneficial saponins that stimulate immune function and act as antioxidants

Rich in magnesium, manganese, iron, copper, and other trace minerals

A prebiotic food that helps sustain beneficial microflora and fauna


Chia seeds are the tiny nutrient-dense powerhouses that the Aztecs used to feed their people, armies, hunting parties, and runners. Sun Warrior has rediscovered their power and thankfully doesn’t have to invent the time machine or brave the ancient jungle to take advantage of all these little seeds have to offer.

Rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and omega fatty acids

Contain both soluble and insoluble fiber for prebiotic effects

Absorb water for improved hydration

Rich in antioxidants


Amaranth is another ancient world staple. It was used as a grain by the Aztecs who even included it in religious rites. It has a similar nutrient profile to quinoa and the same yield as rice, making it a sustainable alternative to other grains and seeds.

Rich in protein, phytosterols, antioxidants, and natural anti-inflammatories

Contains a good amount of Lysine (an amino acid often lacking in plant foods)


Organic Pea, Organic Brown Rice, Organic Quinoa, Organic Chia Seed, Organic Amaranth, Organic Vanilla Flavor, Ancient Sea Salt, Organic Guar Fiber, Organic Stevia

Serving Information

Serving Size: 1 Scoop (25 g)

Servings Per Container: 15

Nutritional Information Per Serving

Energy: 100 kcal

Fat: 1 g

of which Saturates: less than 0.5 g

Carbohydrate: 4 g

of which Sugars: 0 g

Fibre: 2 g

Protein: 18 g

Amounts Per Serving

Alanine: 900 mg

Arginine: 1190 mg

Aspartic Acid: 1675 mg

Cystine: 408 mg

Glutamic Acid: 3160 mg

Glycine: 579 mg

Histidine: 398 mg

Isoleucine: 1071 mg

Leucine: 1659 mg

Lysine: 960 mg

Methionine: 456 mg

Phenylalanine: 816 mg

Proline: 1052 mg

Serine: 866 mg

Threonine: 798 mg

Tryptophan: 289 mg

Tyrosine: 709 mg

Valine: 1054 mg

Recommended Use

Mix, shake or blend 1 scoop with 10 oz of your favourite beverage.

Refrigerate and use prepared product the same day.

Keep package out of direct light and away from heat.


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