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Ghost Pump Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ooze 40 Servings LIMITED EDITION

Ghost Pump Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ooze 40 Servings LIMITED EDITION

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Ghost Pump Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ooze 40 Servings - LIMITED EDITION.

GHOST® Legend Pre-Workout is a supplement like no other, delivering energy, focus, and PUMP!! This stuff is the reason GHOST seized our attention! A full disclosure blend, we've had some of our best workouts on this stuff, folks, so it's a sure-fire Team Pick & Mix favourite! Clean energy, the perfect ratio of tingles to focus! Now even made even more EPIC! 25 years in the making, GHOST LEGEND® x Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 'Ooze' is here.

'Sewers were raided. Pizza was consumed' to make this epic collab come to life! Catch it whilst you can folks because it won't be around for long! Ltd Edition and all we could get our hands-on...once it's gone's gone!

Remember the likes of Raphael, Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo?! Well now they've ALL got your back with Ninja Turtles Ooze Ghost supps! Each Turtle assigned to a supp - in Legend, Leonardo is here to fuel your workout an absolute pre-workout powerhouse, a kick-ass formula perfect for whatever life throws at you! With a couple of extra ingredients added (NeuroFactor™ etc). Plus of course this tasty flavour system (it's a vibrant one too folks!)

This awesome TMNT formula has it all and more! Ready to crush it folks?! Yuuuuup thaaat's our flex too! Another Legendary formula and epic collab! Patented ingredients galore and teamed up with Nickelodeon...hell yeah!

In the special 'TMNT Ooze' collab flavour, a jelly sweets/rainbow sherbet vibe from the outset! A taste sensation! Sweet, suuuper refreshing and, an industry first! GHOST have thought of it all, considered ingredients to ensure maximal training output, pump, focus and energy and of course from this, the best and most efficient results!!

Flavour is always at the forefront for us, closely followed by mix-ability, you can't enjoy flavour if it doesn't mix right?! Feel the awesome effects and become a Legend with this awesome Legend Pre-Workout...and as the guys at GHOST put it #BESEEN...

Why Ghost X TMNT Pre Workout Legend - Ooze Flavour?!

  • Full Disclosure formula/label
  • SUPER tasty
  • EPIC industry-first Nickelodeon collaboration!
  • Pump
  • Energy
  • Focus
How to use: Recommended daily use: 1-2 Servings, Mix up to 2 scoops (servings) with 300-400ml of water or beverage of choice. Start with 1 scoop or less to assess tolerance. Consume prior to exercise on training days.