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Eazy Egg Free Range Liquid Egg White 1kg

Eazy Egg Free Range Liquid Egg White 1kg

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Eazy Egg Free Range Liquid Egg White 1kg

Free-range liquid egg whites at Barn Farmed prices?

As we give a cluck about animal welfare, we would love you to swap your current Barn Farmed egg whites for ours made Free Range. If you already buy Free Range then hey, you just saved yourself some money.

Everybody (and bird) wins!

Eazy Egg Liquid Egg Whites are pre-separated from the yolk making them much easier to use, store and to consume! By separating them from the yolk this removes the fat and cholesterol that you would otherwise consume. Per 100g of mix you get 10g of protein that you can add to protein shakes, scramble or add to pancake batters to make high protein treats.

Each 1kg bottle contains 33 egg whites which means no mess, no fuss, no waste of yolks and saving you time from having to separate the eggs yourselves. These can be stored at room temperature until opened for up to 6 months! So you needn’t take up lots of fridge space. This is due to the pasteurisation process!

Egg whites are known as the gold standard of protein sources and this is due to their 100% bioavailability so all the protein that you consume in it is going to be used wisely by the body.

  • Pure pasteurized liquid egg whites
  • Come from free range hens
  • Easy to use and convenient protein source
  • Save storage space in your fridge


Easy Egg Liquid Egg Whites

High Protein Liquid Egg White 1kg

Typical values per 100g %DV**

Energy (kcal) 43 2%

Fat <0.5g               1%

of which saturates <0.1g               0%

Carbohydrates <0.5g                    0%

of which sugars <0.5g

Fibre 0g                                             0%

Protein 10.8g                                  22%

Salt 0.46g                                          8%

** % Daily Value is based on a 2000kcal daily diet

Other ingredients: Free range liquid egg white, Malic acid, Preservative

Allergen Warning: Contains EGG

Directions For Use:

Mix into protein shakes or use in your cooking