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Chaos Crew Laxo 60 Capsules

Chaos Crew Laxo 60 Capsules

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Chaos Crew Laxo 60 Capsules.

Usually, supplements consist of at least several, if not more, than a dozen different ingredients. Their manufacturers strive for synergy, the joint action of different substances, which should have an even more positive effect on the body. Sometimes, however, only one component can provide the desired effect. This is the case with Laxogenin.

It is made from an extract derived from the root of a plant known as Smilax Officinalis, or Mexican Sarsaparilla. As the name suggests, this plant has been found naturally in areas belonging to modern Mexico for years. The indigenous people living in this area have long benefited from the properties attributed to this plant. However, only recently, Sarsaparilla extracts have found their way into the global dietary supplement market.

Laxogenin, also known as 5-alpha-hydroxy-laxogenin, is a compound that stimulates the growth of the plant described. Its properties made researchers curious, and they started to create dietary supplements based on it. Currently, Laxogenin is considered to be a compound with an anabolic effect. Thus, it can increase strength levels and thus maximize muscle gains.

Chaos Crew decided to take advantage of the above-described properties of the Mexican Sarsaparilla extract. This decision resulted in the creation of a supplement now known as Chaos Crew Laxo. These are capsules containing a high dose of 200 milligrams of pure Laxogenin.

Who should test this supplement? First of all, athletes aim to increase their muscle mass and improve their performance. In their case, the anabolic effects of the described compound will be particularly beneficial. Interestingly, some reports also claim that Laxogenin has a positive effect on testosterone production. Thus, such a supplement may also improve sexual performance

How to take

Take 1-2 capsules daily. The capsules need to be sipped with plenty of water.